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update after inital smbfs call stopped working.
mdwn error
new blog.
adding my comment
minor tweaks, new comment
renamed it as well.
adding important step of upgrading to stretch.
minor copy edit and style tweaks.
setup raspbian as router.
avoid maintaining my keys in more than one place.
fix spelling error.
adding twilio link and info about peer pouch.
get bullets to properly work
new blog.
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new blog on whatsapp
linkify ticket
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new comment.
appending new error (and solution).
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fixed sentence for clarity.
adding link to riseup xmpp page.
adding link to article on TOFU
new blog on encrypted mucs in xmpp
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how did this get committed on the live site??
new blog.
Added a comment: Cheap goods
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comments from internet.
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new blog on omnirom/root/encrytion
new blog on apertium
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minor copy editing.
fixed typo
fix to planet debian URL
new blog: noam on terminal
new release of swish
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updating with curl option to lookup a file.
adding new comments.
adding new comments
new blog: signal mobile update.
more comments.
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fix minor typos
new blog on mobile im.
new blog on signal.
new blog on monitoring deflect.
fixing some typos.
new blog on configuring networkig.
updating kvm management script to meet needs of stretch/systemd.
latest comment.
adding my own comment
adding commments.
creating tag page tags/docker
new blog on docker.
adding docker tag.
new blog post.
two more comments...
update to reflect ipcalc commenter.
improving formatting on comment
two more helpful netizens...
updating post to reflect changes in python bindings and our import
my comment response to the internet flood.
a million corrections.
new blog on docker networking.
new comment on email post.
new comment on blog on email.
new comment to blog post.
new blog on email archives.
PTP deserves a bit more prominence.
i seem to have had the wrong public pgp key.
updating text and trying to improve formatting.
fixing typo and making it flow better.
adding rel="me" tag (see
adding info for following my social.m.o account.
new update on suspend/acpi
minor copy-edits.
new blog on systemd
most computer's hard disk is /dev/sda - so changing to avoid boo boos.
updating bio
postscript to OpenPGP passphrase post about passe-partout
updating to include info about real name change on openpgp key.
updating identity pages to reflect new key
new blog about losing gpg passphrase.